Logo Design


£60 (GBP) – Black and White version.
starting from £10+ (GBP) – Coloured logo version. (Pricing depends on colouring complexity.)


My logo designs follow a minimalistic style, I create designs in mind of wording and geometry personality. All projects begin designed in black and white. The reason for this before colouring is applied is because your logo should be recognisable – especially in the situation, where your logo may be displayed as part of other promotional event or channel material designs.

A coloured logo version is purchased as an addition and the colouring process is applied on the final development stages – after the initial black and white version is finalised. (see below for details on the commission process).

If the intention of the logo is for animation, please let me know first-hand as it affects how I build the logo assets together. Animation is a separate commission. (link and page coming soon).


STAGE ONE (Black and White)

Following the logo design request and discussion, I start with researching into styles, fonts and colours that I feel suits your criteria. Varied rough sketches / mock-ups are created to help begin developing the foundation of your logo inspired from the research. These are then shared with you to see if you like the direction. If the initial designs are requested to be altered into entirely new themes, this stage is repeated with the new direction.
(This stage can only be repeated once. If another redesign is required following this stage, this will be charged as a new commission, £60.)

STAGE TWO (Black and White)
Picking a design to go forward with, the design is then refined more and (up to three maximum) slight variations of the same logo concept may be added. Watermarked previews of the logos will be sent for review to agree on the direction.

STAGE THREE (Black and White)
The final chosen design is picked and clean high quality versions will be created. A preview will be sent for approval / amends before the final product is delivered.

Using the stage three logo development, colours will be added in with suitability and relevance to the colour scheme requested. A preview will be sent for approval / amends before the final product is delivered.


.png of the stage one rough logo sketches / mock-ups (watermarked)
.png of the stage two refined logo developments (watermarked)
.png of the stage three higher quality logo design (watermarked)
.png of the final logo design version (Black and White) with a transparent background
(if requested) .png of the final logo design with colour design (watermarked)
(if requested) .png of the final logo design version (Coloured) with a transparent background


Can you draw a character or object for my logo?
I’m not particularly the best for drawing complex characters or objects into logo designs. Please check out my friends who you can commission for drawings:
Sikyva | MouseWasTaken | Siiren



Please read the terms and conditions before commissioning.