Animated Overlays

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Starting from £50+ (GBP) per overlay screen (pricing varies depending on complexity and if additional elements need to be created separately and animated)

Fullscreen looping animated overlays that can be used for your broadcast streaming software (e.g OBS). These are created at a maximum duration of 4-5 seconds.

Please have details ready of what you require to be on the overlay (for example: stream team badges, stream label headers, game window, chat box area, web cam area, social media details, etc). If there are specific logos, images and text to be used – you will need to provide me with the necessary files (.ai, .psd, .png, font files, etc) and permissions from your original artist/designer to incorporate them. I will require fullscreen screenshots of your current stream overlay scenes.

The video overlays are built as one file containing all visual content in a fixed area. This means further changes after the final product will be a new purchase.

I am not a digital programmer, so I cannot create timed animation that react to streaming alerts or interaction.

Be sure that your computer specifications can handle playing a video file on loop as part of your overlay. I am not responsible for the capability of your hardware / CPU to process the video file whilst streaming. Requesting this type of commission means you confirm that your computer is capable – of running a HD overlay video for your streaming software.

STAGE ONE (Overlay design)

No animation takes place at this stage. Following the overlay design request and discussion, I start with researching into styles, fonts and colours that I feel suits your criteria. Varied rough sketches / mock-ups are created to help begin developing the foundation of your overlay. These are then shared with you to see if you like the direction. If the initial designs are requested to be altered into entirely new themes, this stage is repeated with the new direction.
(This stage can only be repeated once. If another redesign is required following this stage, this will be charged as a new commission, £60.)

STAGE TWO (Animation)
Animation begins after the overlay design has been approved to move forward with. The final product will be rendered and delivered ready for use.


image file – 1920 x 1080 px of overlay design (watermarked)
.mov video file – 1920 x 1080 px with transparent background if required (final product)
(if requested) .gif at a smaller size with ‘ShazMotions’ watermark for social media sharing


I already have my logo, text style and graphics. Can I just send you the image and font files?
The best file is always the original designers’ unflattened layered .ai or .psd file. If you do have this, I will also need any extra assets (font files, image files, etc) that is linked to the original project file.

If this cannot be attained, please share with me your image file so I can see if it’s possible for me to slice it up to work with. Otherwise your logo will be static and animated in a simple style.

Font / Typeface files provided will allow me the flexibility to amend sizes, text content or animation. If you do not have these, then it is not likely I can incorporate your custom text into the animation.



Please read the terms and conditions before commissioning.